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The importance of looking up

It’s easy on family trips to get bogged down in the stuff that’s right in front of you: Screaming toddlers, bickering tweens, Snapchatting teenagers. Sometimes, it’s just as important to look up.

Powerwoman and I were reminded of this today during a snowball fight with the L and R in the backyard of our vacation home rental here in Tahoe. In the midst of battle, I heard an eagle cry. In the distance, I was able to spot a bald eagle perched high atop the lake, tending to eaglets in a nest.

The four of us (Baby G was sleeping inside) stopped our snowballs and plopped in the snow, marveling at the mighty bird. We couldn’t see much, but just knowing it was there kept our attention for the better part of five minutes. It was one of the most magical travel moments with the girls in recent memory. And it never would have happened without simply taking a break.

Pausing FTW

Pausing FTW