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Family travel hacks from an old friend

Traveling with kids is easy. If you know the right secrets.

Traveling with kids is easy. If you know the right secrets.

When Sara Clemence and I first met, we were two twenty-something freelancers who were (both working out of the same communal work space in Manhattan, and) still new to the whole writing game. Fast forward almost 20 years; the two of us are a lot more successful, and we’re still pals with a whole lot in common.

Nevermind that Sara is a big-time editor at Travel + Leisure magazine (a client), and I’m still out on my own. We’re both still writing. And we’re both parents. With young kids. And we love to travel.

Imagine my delight, then, when I spotted her first piece for T+L, a Web-only story about family travel hacks. Her piece offers up 10 hacks in all; each and every one of them is useful and worthwhile to consider.

Some of Sara’s hacks are eminently practical. Others are niche (or obtuse). Still others are what I would consider to be pretty major secrets (the site, Book a Suite, is a favorite of ours to see what we’re getting ourselves into). However you’d describe the missive, one thing is certain: Sara’s story is getting mad love on social media and it gives me great pleasure to see a friend of mine succeeding in this fahion.

So check out her post. And tell her (or me!) what, if anything, you’d add to her list. Finally, remember that the next time you’re traveling with little ones, never let them see you sweat.