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Why You Should Travel with Preschoolers

Little R, enjoying downtime in London.

Little R, enjoying downtime in London.

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Wandering Pod headquarters. First we surfaced for another story on the “Have Family Will Travel” blog from Four Seasons. Then, earlier today, we hit the Google Alerts again, this time with a service piece for Scholastic Parent & Child magazine.

The latter story, titled, “Sanity-Saving Tips for Traveling with Preschoolers,” presents eight reasons why parents *should* travel with their kids when their kids are between the ages of 3-5. Some of my tips: Kids actually will remember it, flying with kids is easier than you think, luxury hotels are doing nice stuff for families, and public transportation is your friend.

Originally, the goal of the story was to give parents who are hesitant to travel with their preschoolers reasons to put their minds at ease.

Along the way, however, I learned a lot, too.

This was the story that led me to Michelle Blume, a child psychologist who blew my mind with some of the data she shared about how much 3- and 4-year-olds actually remember. It also was the piece that enabled me to meet Raquel Anderson, a behavioral health specialist affiliated with Bundoo, a great reference site for parents.

For both of these reasons, I’m excited to share the piece. Hope you enjoy!

Wandering Pod Surfaces on Another Major Site

A peek at the Smart Family Travel site.

A peek at the Smart Family Travel site.

Another month, another new content partnership for Wandering Pod.

This time, the partnership is with Smart Family Travel, a new family travel site published in conjunction with Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine. The site debuted in June but didn’t really go live until this past week.

My inaugural piece serves up five stress-free tips for traveling with a toddler. To report the story, I pulled insights from this blog, my now-stagnant “Are We There Yet??” blog from Parenting magazine, and (of course) our own experiences on recent long-haul trips to Hawaii and other locales.

I’m excited to be working with other contributors to the site, many of whom are bloggers I’ve admired for years (especially Rainer Jenss and Mara Gorman).

I’m also delighted to have the opportunity to write more original content for the site on a recurring basis over the next few months. You can stay tuned for updates or follow @WanderingPod on Twitter for all of the latest news.