• Feeling the pain

    Family travel can be full of wonderful, magical moments that everybody remembers forever. Most of the time, however, as any parent will tell you, the experience verges on shitshow, complete with meltdowns, tantrums, complaining, and whining—from kids and parents alike.

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MacGyver meets family travel

There will be other posts about my weekend getaway with the big…

Villanos take Legoland, part 2

One of the coolest things about my job as a family travel…

Three attributes of winning family travel

I get to meet some wonderful people through my job as a journalist,…

All about the beach glass

Every kid likes treasure hunts. There’s something about…

Long lost cousins

I’ve mentioned that L and I traveled to Portland last weekend.…

Have backpack, will (family) travel

I’m not a gear head, but when it comes to traveling with…

Butterfly-watching in Sonoma County

Whoever said daytrips can't be magical clearly hasn't spent time…

More cats, more cat videos

Another day, another video of our time at the Lana’i Cat Sanctuary.…

For the love of Monopoly

One of our favorite things about vacation rentals on family trips:…

Robot toilet overload

Most people who stay at the Four Seasons Lana’i remember…

Cat heaven in Hawaii

If you asked my big girls to describe the attributes of their personal heavens, each would cite unlimited French fries and hundreds of playful cats. While Powerwoman and I haven’t been able to deliver on the French fries yet, we did find a spot that blew their cat-loving dreams.

Hawaii + Four Seasons = Malasada awesome

Hawaii holds a special place in the history of our pod. It’s…
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